Sete Cidades

One of the best alternatives if you’re thinking of taking your family on a one day tour in São Miguel- Azores.

Lagoa do Fogo

Discover and explore with us the most beautiful and stunning lakes of the São Miguel Island - Azores.


We take you and your family to know and explore, in a safe way, the volcanic activity existing in Furnas.


Full Day Tours

With ours full day tours, enjoy and get to know the nature of the island of São Miguel, as well as the culture and local history.


Explore unique places of high landscape interest, as you can see in the Sete Cidade and Lagoa do Fogo calderas, as well as, see up close the volcanic activity present in Furnas, through fumaroles and hot springs.


Guided tours to the tea and pineapple plantations, the traditional Ceramics factory and the liquor factory.


Visit viewpoints, waterfalls, botanical gardens and much more.

Sete Cidade and Lagoa do Fogo

Sete Cidades Half Day


Furnas passeio dia inteiro


Concelho do Nordeste

The Seven Wonders


Additional Info.

If you are staying outside Ponta Delgada and your Tour, stay out of our route, please contact us, because:


  • We can arrange a meeting place and we’ll meet you.

  • For an additional price, we pick up at your hotel.


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